The origins of The WayWesX17 Homeless Project are embedded in my determination to positively overcome the grief of my sons, Waymond II & Wesley Pearce Brown. In October 1990, our beloved son Wesley Pearce was born with Potter's Syndrome, the absence of kidneys. Wesley lived for 23 minutes. In May 2012, our beloved son Waymond II died from sudden cardiac death. He was 23 years old. Instead of dying in the sands of grief, I started WayWesX17, an Xavier Brown Foundation, in 2015, a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Way is the abbreviation for Waymond II;

Wes is the abbreviation for Wesley Pearce;

X is the middle initial of our beloved son, Kristopher Xavier; and

17 is the year the founder graduated from USC with a Master in Social Work.

WWX17 mission is tied to the pillars empowerment, access, education, and reintegration by directly impacting its targeted population through the annual events of Baby Love; Hot Time in the City; Honoring the Legacy of Diva W; Community College Student Project; Soul-2-Soul; & The WayWesX17 Homeless Project Give-Away. All events are focused on alleviating systemic barriers and inequities by meeting the immediate needs first in an effort to build self-esteem; physical, mental & financial health; literacy & strategic thinking to break the generational cycle of homelessness. WWX17 mission, goal, & vision is designed to address the intergenerational trauma of homelessness; thus creating a new generation of freedom.

WWX17: Sit Fitness

WWX17: Sit Fitness

This exercise program is designed for those who may be in recovery from an illness, injury, debilitating conditions, pregnancy, equilibrium, imbalances, or obesity.

Each exercise is a seated calisthenics modification movement designed to help regain regular range of motion, increase better posture in body alignment, stabilize one’s breathing, & increase quality of life!

This program can be done in a group, online, or in an individual home setting.

For More Info Contact: Waymond Brown Sr , Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Coach, Certified Nutritionist [email protected]



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