About Us

We Aspire To Be Part Of The Solution!

Welcome to The WayWesX17 Homeless Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Fort Worth. We are dedicated to restoring hope, providing refuge, and creating a legacy of global social change for all those who are journeying through the grief of homelessness. Our mission is to empower and support the ...

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We Are Creating Social Change for a Better Future

The WayWesX17 Homeless Project is dedicated to serving the homeless community in the Fort Worth-Dallas area. We provide essential services, such as survival kits, personal toiletries, and warm winter clothes. Our mission is to restore hope, provide refuge, and create social change for all those who are journeying ...

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Empowering the Homeless Community

The WayWesX17 Homeless Project was founded by a mother determined to overcome the grief of losing her sons, Waymond II and Wesley Pearce, in a positive way. Instead of succumbing to the sands of grief, she started a social change project focused on helping the homeless. Our organization is 501(c)(3) ...

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