The Annual WWX17 Give-Away

The Annual WWX17 Give-Away

The Annual WWX17 Give-Away

Saturday 12/7/2024

Since 2015 WWX17 has been having an annual give-away in memory of Waymond II's birthday, we're providing winter essentials for the homeless population. We're collecting personal toiletries, sleeping bags, blankets, tents, tote bags/backpacks, gently used books, toys, individually wrapped food, bottled water, and notes of encouragement. Help make a difference in someone's life this winter season.

Areas Covered

Fort Worth-Dallas, Texas Metro Area


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**ALL ORDERS WILL BE FILLED WITH NEXT MONTHS' DISTRIBUTION**This is a local monthly program open to anyone in need of FREE diapers, pull-ups & wipes. WWX17 will also have Adult diapers. You must be able to pick up your diapers at a designed time and place. Use the form below to send us: Your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Who Referred You, Number of Children, Diaper Size, Pull-Up Size, Adult Pull-Up Size