Past Events

Since the inception of WWX17 the number of homeless men, women and children we passionately served has continued to increase. And we are only able to meet the need with your support.

2015 served 230

2016 served 282

2017 served 350

2018 served 750

2019 served 900

2020 served 965

2021 served 1000

2022 served 3000

Get in Touch

**ALL ORDERS WILL BE FILLED WITH NEXT MONTHS' DISTRIBUTION**This is a local monthly program open to anyone in need of FREE diapers, pull-ups & wipes. WWX17 will also have Adult diapers. You must be able to pick up your diapers at a designed time and place. Use the form below to send us: Your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Who Referred You, Number of Children, Diaper Size, Pull-Up Size, Adult Pull-Up Size


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